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To achieve the greatest impact, our team works with our industrial and commercial customers to understand their immediate and long-term goals and then see their projects through planning, design, permits, and construction. 


NorAg offers conventional wood-frame buildings along with the more advanced Polymer Concrete Framework Buildings. These advanced structures are prepared to order and assembled on-site. They are the ideal choice for new constructions, including; Industrial Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Vehicle Wash Facilities, Auto Dealerships and Retail Complexes. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to handle, reducing the time and effort required to complete your building projects. The modular components can include built-in insulation, service raceways and rough openings to facilitate rapid construction. The pre-finished walls provide for easy maintenance throughout the lifespan of the products. Engineered to provide a lifetime of savings, they are a smart alternative to conventional construction assemblies such as insulated panel, precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls. 

Solutions for Buildings 

  • Air Quality Systems

  • Custom Design Solutions 

  • Design-Build Management 

  • Electrical Specifications

  • LED Lighting 

  • Material Packages

  • Mechanical Systems Design Mechanical Systems Design

  • On-Site Construction 

  • Pre-Cast Constructions

  • Project Management

  • Purpose-Built Facilities

  • Site Landscaping 

  • Site Paving and Curbing

  • Site Permits

  • Site Planning

  • Standard Wood-Frame Buildings

  • Steel-Frame Constructions

  • Turn-Key Commercial Facilities 

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